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Welcome to the RainFlowers websites
Deadline for Stockton Rising submissions of art, poetry, photography, and more for the anthology paperback book themed towards the positive light of Stockton, California, has been exteneded until the end of 2012 to see if enough submissions can be rounded up by then. Email submissions to: StocktonRising AT-SIGN gmail.com. If you're interested in Star Dust Beach the other anthology of the three themes Star, Dust, Beach or any combination of those themes, then submissions are to be emailed to StarDustBeach AT-SIGN gmail.com. All other inquiries please email Donald R. Anderson, project coordinator, at PoetsEspresso AT-SIGN gmail.com. Poets' Espresso Review submissions are to be sent to PoetsEspressoReview AT-SIGN gmail.com, to Patricia Mayorga, upon recovery of her recent illness, or in her absense, Donald may manage some of the publication tasks.

Website revisions
Most of the pages will still be under construction for the current time as it is low on my to-do list, but I (Donald R. Anderson, the webmaster) will be doing it a bit at a time over the coming months. The pages in which others are involved, in particular the Artifact publication and Writers' Guild club website, will be the first of these to be cleaned up and republished online due to there being more people relying on their content.

Sincerely, webmaster, Donald R. Anderson 209.405.4041.

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